Fraud Alert- Over the past several months, the North Greenbush Police have taken multiple reports of fraud using the NYS Unemployment Benefits system. This is a widespread issue that has affected thousands across the state. The scam takes many forms but if you have received a letter that indicates that you have signed up for benefits when, in fact, you hadn't, contact the NYS Department of Labor (DOL) at the below phone number or website to notify them. At this time, the North Greenbush Police will only complete an incident report if it is believed that an identity was actually stolen pursuant to this scam. As always, vigilance is urged and frequent credit history monitoring is suggested. Anything that appears on your credit report that was not a transaction you completed should be reported to your local police department immediately and a freeze on your credit can be requested from each credit monitoring bureau (Experian, Equifax and TransUnion).
Some residents have reported receiving a letter from NYS DOL indicating that an investigation is already underway. It is believed that these are not fraudulent as they don't require any follow up on the part of the recipient, such as calling to provide personal identifying information, but that has not yet been verified. It is recommended that you not provide any such information to anyone over the internet or phone that you have not confirmed as being the correct person.